Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Legal issues and online gambling

The laws of all states can be found to prohibit certain activities, ranging from gambling to sale of alcoholic beverages; yet, they are often loosely applied and vary from state to state. In addition, there is a great deal of legal interpretive matter as to the meaning of gambling laws, such as the legal principles, higher courts, clemency pleas, etc. There are also very interesting arguments as to the constitutionality of states’ online gambling laws. One thing is certain: problems regarding the constitutionality of online gambling laws are many. There are precedents set by the very states that prohibit online gambling. Also, there are precedents set by the countries that permit online gambling. Both decisions will be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court, and decisions thus will be nationally binding.

How does gambling online violate states’ laws against gambling?

The very fact that you can play at a casino game at home or at any other location where the house does not prevail income-wise makes playing online gambling illegal, whether the home casino game is online or not. But, if the activity is not actually gambling, there is no crime.

The basis for the conclusion that online gambling is not ‘gambling’ is the very fact that players are playing a game of chance. The individuals at the instant you log on to the casino game are pure ‘risk-averse’ individuals, and will choose not to participate if they feel playing is a risk. In the states that have legalized gambling, individuals (who) do not want to participate, will often stay away from an area with legalized gambling.

However, for individuals who want to participate in online gambling, and do not want to move to the area where it is illegal, they can play from the comfort of their own home. In fact, many individuals will choose the web games they play online due to the looseness of the laws in their own home states as opposed to those where gambling is illegal.

Statistics indicate that individuals spend more money online than playing actual gambling. Online gambling is a growing phenomenon, vastly outnumbering the people who actually gamble. The majority of individuals that play online are spending money on the sites as opposed to gambling at a casino. In fact, for individuals spending less than $50 per year online, casino gambling actually represents a decrease in spending power.

Theilles, on the other hand, represent a growing number of individuals with gambling addictions, or what is otherwise known as compulsive gambling problems. This type of problem accounts for approximately 2.5% of all gambling expenditures. An individual with a compulsive gambling problem is preoccupied with gambling and has been unable to develop and maintain an abstinent gambling streak. Due to her or his compulsive gambling problem, the individual is unable to engage in the substantial sum of time investments needed for successful casino gambling. She or he tends to gamble to get even or toTOP275him. This individual Matures into a gambling addiction consisting of gambling, despite the efforts of his or her family and friends to convince him or her that excessive gambling is not prudent.

What factors contribute to the development of a gambling addiction?

Stereotypes and myths about gamblers are a common way of gambling addiction communication to the individual. These remarks are made by anxious and nervous people, just like in the situation of alcohol addicts. Stereotypes may be based on harmless observations by others at the same time. An individual with a gambling addiction will either recognize the discrepancy between what he or she believes and reality, or will attempt to Somebody-will himself or herself to change their gambling belief. Recognizing the discrepancy between one’s gambling desire and the reality of the situation may induce the individual to try to crack the code by gambling more. Alternatively, the individual may attempt to compensate for the missing income or perhaps the lack of confidence in his or her ability to compete. Either way, gambling is harmful and should be discouraged.

The specific etiology of gambling addiction is not understood.


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